Personal change begins at the Seeds of Peace Camp in Maine.

Each summer, hundreds of teenagers and educators engage with each other across lines of conflict—sharing meals, living spaces, and learning experiences in a traditional summer camp program.

For many, this type of interaction is impossible at home, and Camp is the first time they are encountering peers from the other side.

During daily dialogue sessions guided by professional facilitators, campers confront each other over competing historical narratives, share personal experiences of conflict, and tackle topics that fuel oppression, hatred, and violence in and between their communities.

It is here that personal and interpersonal change begins, as perceptions and attitudes shift in the face of a new reality created in Maine.

As participants form relationships and gain insights into the root issues that divide them, they build greater levels of trust, respect, and empathy, which inspire their commitment to work for change at home.

“At Camp, I learned to listen to people, even if I don’t agree with what they say. I learned how to understand other opinions, respect them, and became more open-minded.”
— Shai (Israeli)