Educator Programs

Educators can play a powerful role in transforming conflict, particularly by preparing young people for peace and supporting their involvement in peace-building efforts.

Gaining the inspiration and tools needed to make that choice and be effective at this work, however, requires opportunities for educators to form cross-border relationships and networks, develop capacities particular to peace education, and gain access to resources that can aid their efforts.

Seeds of Peace Educator Programs engage a range of professional educators from the Middle East, South Asia, the United States, and the United Kingdom: educational policymakers and government officials; school principals and administrators; classroom teachers; academics; school counselors and psychologists; and informal educators and community leaders, including those working with youth through arts, sports, cultural and religious organizations, and youth councils.

The program also offers institutional and programmatic support for Seeds of Peace alumni locally, in their home countries, while spreading our mission to impact even more youth, classrooms, schools and educational systems throughout these regions.

Educator Programs primarily relate to one of four categories: Local Capacity-Building; Cross-Border Network and Training; Community and Youth Engagement; and Curriculum and Resources.

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Seeds of Peace Educator Programs seek to inspire and equip educators in conflict regions with the relationships, understanding, and skills needed to transform schools and communities and contribute to a culture of peace.