Olive Branch Youth Magazine

Since 1996, Seeds of Peace has been producing The Olive Branch magazine as a means for Seeds alumni to sustain communication and share experiences with each other and their communities throughout the school year.

The Olive Branch is researched, written, edited and produced by Seeds of Peace graduates, allowing them to react to current events, share experiences, and maintain open and active dialogue.

The magazine guarantees freedom of expression for all Seeds and their wide range of experience and opinions, from Palestinians living under military occupation in refugee camps, to Israeli soldiers sharing their perspectives on checkpoints, to Indians and Pakistanis intensely debating Kashmir.

Many of our Seeds come from places where their voices are quelled rather than encouraged. Through the process of creating the publication, they find the support needed to speak out and be heard. On its pages, they protest their realities, and in doing so, they learn the power they have to reach people and create change.

They may express themselves as journalists, poets, or artists, but do so always as Seeds, committed to embracing humanity rather than war. They are creating ongoing, tangible proof that it is possible to express feelings openly and honestly while sparking healthy, constructive dialogue.

Perhaps most importantly, they are spreading the message of Seeds of Peace where it is most needed. The Olive Branch serves as an outreach vehicle to others who are not able to attend Camp. It exposes Seeds of Peace to thousands beyond our network, as it is printed and distributed to Israeli & Palestinian schools, along with an accompanying Teacher's Guide.

The magazine is currently co-edited by two Seeds, an Israeli and a Palestinian.