Maine Programs

In 2000, Seeds of Peace adapted its internationally-recognized conflict resolution and youth leadership program to launch its first domestic project, focused on intercommunal tensions in Maine. Historically one of the more homogeneous US states, Maine is now home to growing communities of refugees and asylum seekers, primarily from Africa and Asia.

Maine Seeds begin their experience with a two-week session at our Camp, followed by year-round local programs that enable them to develop strong relationships built on mutual trust, and the skills needed to engage others in their schools and communities to address issues including racism, sexism, bullying, and poverty.

Selection of Maine Seeds is conducted directly with participating high schools, and usually begins in March. Email for details.

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“Seeds of Peace gave me the confidence to believe that I can do something for the world. Every one of us has the ability, but very few ever use it. I want to be one of those few.”
— Jack (Maine Seed)