Cross-border Network

Seeds of Peace creates opportunities for professional educators to form strong relationships with their colleagues across borders and gain critical capacities that make education a force for peace.

Delegation Leaders Program

Each summer, delegations of high-school age campers and their Delegation Leaders arrive together at the Seeds of Peace Camp. The Camp program is designed to inspire and equip new generations of leaders with the relationships, understanding, and skills to advance lasting peace within and between their societies.

Delegation Leaders are educators acting as representatives of the parents and home community, while forming a dynamic international professional network engaged in their own intense dialogue and skill-building program. Participants include Afghan, American, Egyptian, Indian, Israeli, Jordanian, Pakistani and Palestinian educators and community leaders who have demonstrated great leadership abilities or potential. Graduates of the DL program become part of the larger network of Seeds of Peace Educators and continue to support Seeds and other youth working towards peace once home.

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Educators Course

Seeds of Peace will hold its third two-week Educators Course at Camp in Maine this summer (2013), titled Making History.

The course’s underlying assumption is that, by itself, the past is a relentless and ever-growing swirl of facts: people “make” history by keeping and taking care of certain facts in particular ways, while letting others swirl along. The reshaping of collective identity through making history—in schools and universities and in the larger public arena—requires the selective enforcement of memory. It requires institutional change at all levels of society. It is always contested, never complete. It is at the heart of conflict, misunderstanding, and prejudice—and at the heart of any hopes for conflict transformation.

Previous Educators Courses include the 2011 Narratives, Moral Imagination, and Educational Action during which educators learned about each other’s narratives while engaging creatively with their own in order to learn how to turn the past into a resource for transforming the present, and the Expressive Arts; Educational Transformations course that drew on the power of the arts to empower youth and address conflict-related issues.

Regional Workshops

Regional workshops bringing together Seeds of Peace educators from throughout the Middle East have taken place in Istanbul, Turkey, and Wadi Rum, Jordan. The next regional workshop will take place in Wadi Rum in 2013. Cross-border workshops for Israelis and Palestinians have taken place in Neve Ilan and Tiberius.

“Seeds of Peace opened my mind. I never dreamed to meet so many people from Arab countries. I’ve had a lot of conversations with people—Palestinians, Jordanians, Egyptians—who have the ability to to make the difference in their own societies, in their own countries.

“I became part of all of the [Ministry of Education] programs related to bringing together Arabs and Jews in Israel. This has become part of my work.”

—Hadara (Director, Education and Youth Division, Israeli Ministry of Education)