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May 20, 2014

Kiss My Face celebrates 5 years
as Seeds of Peace funding partner

Natural body care maker announces donation match campaign NEW YORK | On the 5th anniversary of Kiss My Face’s partnership with Seeds of Peace, the company and its Founders Bob MacLeod and Steve Byckiewicz are excited to announce a new opportunity to support youth leadership development and peacebuilding. This summer, Kiss My Face is challenging its most committed fans to help send up to 10 young leaders from regions of conflict to the Seeds of Peace International Camp in Maine. … FULL STORY

May 19, 2014

Seeds lead community dialogues
in Palestinian, Israeli communities

JERUSALEM | Over 100 Seeds and other members of their communities met in April and May as part of Seeds of Peace’s ongoing series of Community Dialogues, in which Seeds identify, design, and implement programs based on what they perceive as the most important conflict-related issues facing their societies internally. Four Seeds and two Educators engaged students from Hebron and the neighboring town of Bani Naim in an April 18 dialogue session about Normalization, calls for boycott of Israeli products, … FULL STORY

51 Maine Seeds graduate from leadership program at banquet hosted by MECA

PORTLAND | Maine Senior Seeds celebrated their graduation from the Maine Program with a banquet on May 18 hosted by the Maine College of Art. Fifty-one Maine Seeds, the largest graduating class ever, their families, and friends attended the banquet to recognize the Seniors’ incredible accomplishments over the past few years. Current Maine Seed Morrigan opened the evening by welcoming all the guests, who were also joined by longtime Seeds supporters Leonard and Merle Nelson. Morrigan then read a letter … FULL STORY

May 9, 2014

Seeds of Peace celebrates 21st year, honors Fareed Zakaria, impact of Seeds

NEW YORK | Seeds of Peace celebrated 21 years of empowering young leaders from conflict regions on May 8 in New York City. The Spring Benefit Dinner honored journalist Fareed Zakaria, who received the John P. Wallach Peacemaker Award. Al Jazeera America anchor Ali Velshi hosted the event, held at 583 Park Avenue. Secretary of State John Kerry opened the evening with a video message expressing his gratitude for the work of Seeds. “Thanks to the work that you do, … FULL STORY

May 3, 2014

Indian Seeds paint homes for low income families with Habitat for Humanity

MUMBAI | Twenty-one Seeds, staff, and supporters from Mumbai spent a full day with Habitat for Humanity in the remote areas of Karjat on May 3. The volunteers joined thousands of youth from across 10 Asia Pacific Countries as part of an effort to provide shelter for local families. Younger Seeds were very excited for the Habitat for Humanity Youth Build after hearing of the positive experiences the senior Seeds had the year before. The group spent the day painting … FULL STORY

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