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Apr 19, 2014

35 Indian Seeds gain media literacy skills

MUMBAI | Over the weekend of April 19, Seeds of Peace held a two-day uninational workshop at the Bombay International School to discuss issues of critical media literacy. Led by facilitator Mansi Panjwani, 35 participants, including 22 Seeds, learned the skills and tools necessary to become media literate and critical consumers and creators of media. On the first day of the program, participants attended a seminar defining what channels of information constitute media. They discussed the roles different forms of … FULL STORY

Apr 14, 2014

Maine Seeds share education policy proposals with Harvard Law Students

BOSTON | Six Maine Seeds spoke to Harvard Law School students about education policy on April 14. The Seeds were invited by Professor Charles Ogletree, a prominent civil rights lawyer and founder of the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice. Seeds explained how the international Seeds of Peace Camp model was adapted in 1999 and applied to Maine, and shared their reflections on education policy in the state. “You have the ability to make a difference when it … FULL STORY

Apr 13, 2014

Maine College of Art equips Maine Seeds
with art, media tools for social change

PORTLAND | How do art and peace-building overlap? Five Maine Seeds recently discovered when they participated in a day-long printmaking workshop in partnership with the Maine College of Art (MECA). The workshop, which took place on April 12, came as part of a greater collaboration between Seeds of Peace and MECA. The “It Starts With ME” project series aims to educate students on how to use art and media as tools for social change within their own state of Maine. … FULL STORY

Apr 12, 2014

Two Nations, Two Gandhis | TEHELKA

The History Project’s attempts to bring out an objective reading of the histories of India and Pakistan could change the way we read our textbooks, says Harsh Snehanshu The shortest friendship I ever had lasted for around an hour. Waseem was from Pakistan and I met him on a train in Scotland. We got along quite well. Our brief conversation delved into each other’s past, and soon, into our shared past. But it all came to a rather unpleasant end … FULL STORY

Apr 11, 2014

Maine Seeds participate in World Affairs Council summit on Citizen Diplomacy

PORTLAND | On April 11, Maine Seeds joined the World Affairs Council (WAC) of Maine’s Summit on Citizen Diplomacy. The topic of this year’s summit was “Citizen Diplomacy through Education: Promoting Awareness, Networking, and Partnerships.” The event was a great opportunity for Seeds to share the work they do in the context of Seeds of Peace, and to network with other people invested in the field. The Summit, which took place at the University of Southern Maine, was focused on … FULL STORY

Ami Dar speaks at TRANSFORM 2014

Watch Seeds speak at TRANSFORM Mili (Indian Seed) ›› Anour (American Seed) ›› Adi (Israeli Seed) ››

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