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Feb 25, 2014

Israeli Seeds engage in dialogue
with 'One Day After Peace' filmmakers

TEL AVIV | Twelve Israeli Seeds gathered on February 24 for a screening of “One Day After Peace,” a documentary which examines whether the lessons learned from ending South African apartheid can be applied to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. After watching the film, the Seeds engaged in a discussion with the film’s Israeli directors about the South African model for reconciliation, and the differences and similarities between apartheid South Africa and the Occupied Territories. The film follows the bereaved mother of … FULL STORY

Feb 21, 2014

Palestinian Seeds analyze peace talks

NABLUS | Ten Palestinian Seeds gathered February 21 to participate in a three-hour facilitated discussion about the status of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. The meeting opened with the Seeds viewing a news feature about the talks, before they launched into a dialogue about the peace process and Palestinian strategy during the negotiations. Seeds expressed their pessimism about the US-mediated process, noting the asymmetry of power between the sides and the inability for US Secretary of State John Kerry to freeze continued … FULL STORY

Maine Seeds hone communication skills

PORTLAND | As part of a youth empowerment and leadership workshop series, nearly 30 teenage students came together in Portland for a day of learning and skill-building. Developing Effective Communication Skills for Leadership was the first of a four-week long leadership intensive program put on by Cultivating Community, a Maine-based organization that works to grow sustainable communities by feeding the hungry, empowering youth and the community, and promoting sustainable agriculture. Seven of the students in the program are Seeds. Leading … FULL STORY

Afghan Seeds discuss how to make positive contributions in their society

KABUL | Afghan Seeds came together February 21 for a “Be the Change” Workshop in Kabul. The 11 participants explored serious challenges facing Afghanistan—from illiteracy to corruption, unemployment, poverty and human rights abuses—and strategized ways to they might contribute to addressing them. The resulting objectives will now be used by Seeds of Peace as a road map for planning future activities in Afghanistan. The Seeds also explored their individual and collective identities, and discussed the challenges they face as Afghan … FULL STORY

Feb 17, 2014

Israeli-Palestinian youth choir makes peace through song | THE WASHINGTON POST

JERUSALEM — While attending a U.S.-based interfaith camp as a teen, Micah Hendler had an idea. What would happen if he launched an Israeli-Palestinian choir that encouraged Jerusalem-area Israeli and Palestinian high school students to make music and engage in dialogue? Two years ago, the 24-year-old Maryland-born Yale graduate moved to Jerusalem to do just that. Hendler knew several of the coexistence projects that once flourished in the city had collapsed under the weight of Palestinian terror attacks and Israeli … FULL STORY

Feb 1, 2014

Pakistani educators hold workshop
on reflective learning environments

LAHORE | Sixteen educators representing six schools in Lahore came together on February 1 to discuss how to construct reflective learning environments in the classroom. The ideal reflective environment is a space where students feel comfortable, secure, open and ready to learn. Tahmina, a Seeds of Peace Educator, led a workshop for the group. Twelve of the educators were new to Seeds of Peace, while four had completed the Seeds of Peace Delegation Leaders Program or Educators Course. The activities … FULL STORY

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