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Nov 25, 2013

Israeli, Palestinian Seeds explore shared water resources, environmental issues

JERUSALEM | Forty Israeli and Palestinian Seeds participated in Water Matters, a four-day seminar in late November focusing on the geopolitical, historical, environmental, and economic dynamics at play in the management of water resources in their region. The four-day event was held in Wahat al-Salam/Neve Shalom, an intentional, binational village located outside Jerusalem. “This is groundbreaking work,” said Donna Stefano, Director of Middle East Programs. “We presented the Seeds with new information which they’ve never been exposed to in their … FULL STORY

Nov 18, 2013

American Seeds explore interfaith dialogue and community relations

NEW YORK | Why do different faith communities come together? Who is present at the discussion table, who isn’t, and why? What issues should be discussed in an interfaith setting? These are some of the questions that American Seeds grappled with during a seminar focused on faith as a personal matter and a powerful tool for community engagement. The 15 Seeds met in New York on November 16-17 for a weekend packed with conversations with professionals working with faith-based organizations, … FULL STORY

Nov 8, 2013

Afghan, Indian, Pakistani Seeds reunite for week of cross-border workshops

MUMBAI | In early November, Afghan, Pakistani, and Indian Seeds met in Mumbai for a week of dialogue, workshops, and skill-building. Due to restrictive visa policies, such cross border meetings are exceedingly rare in South Asia—this is the first such Seeds of Peace event to take place since 2011. Through a series of workshops and keynote addresses from journalists, diplomats, and professors, the 25 Seeds had the opportunity to explore critical issues related to the conflicts affecting the region today. … FULL STORY

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