Queen Noor Al Hussein

“At a time when the news and images from the Middle East and other regions of conflict are characterized by violence and pessimism, the gathering of Seeds of Peace graduates today is a reminder that there can still be a different future.”

Queen Noor Al-Hussein organized the first group of Jordanian Seeds in 1994 and has been a staunch and vocal supporter of Seeds of Peace since its founding, advocating for Seeds of Peace on worldwide television and acting as an inspiring speaker at Seeds of Peace conferences and dinners.

On several occasions she has graciously welcomed Seeds from various nations during their visits to Jordan, organizing events for them around the country and going so far as to host Seeds at her home. She has also lent her presence and voice to Seeds of Peace events on multiple occasions.

Queen Noor delivered the keynote address to Seeds of Peace graduates at the opening of the Middle East Youth Summit in Villars, Switzerland, in 1998, at which she noted that “violence takes root in people who feel pushed to extremes, hopeless and disenfranchised.” True security, she said, could only be achieved “in the minds and hearts of people through confidence and trust.”

During the “Breaking News, Making Headlines” 2003 media conference in New York City, Queen Noor received the Seeds of Peace Declaration to the Media and at the November 2001 New York conference on “Uprooting Hatred and Terror,” she delivered the keynote address at an ecumenical service officiated by leaders of faith from around the world.

Speaking directly to the Seeds gathered at the service, she said:

“We need your energy. Young people like you are an untapped force in the world today. We need you to participate, to push, to fight for the future. We need your experience. We need your motivation. Seeds of Peace, we are ready to listen. You have fresh ideas, energy, courage, and the compassion to reach out to others like yourselves. You do this no matter what their religion, no matter what their race, no matter what their prejudices.”

After John Wallach died in the summer of 2002, Queen Noor was one of those who spoke at his memorial held at the United Nations.

“Seeds of Peace, you are no longer a miracle in the Maine woods. You have found your way into the larger world in so many different ways and you are forging your own path to peace.”