Orlando Arellano

Advisor, Global Programs & Strategy (Jerusalem)

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Orlando began his time at Seeds of Peace in 2010 as a counselor at the Camp after a suggestion from his good friend Lior. It was a decision that transformed his understanding of peace, diplomacy, education and inspired him to continue growing within the organization to fully understand and invest in the power of youth.

Following his pivotal experience in 2010, Orlando returned in 2011 to accompany American Seeds on a cultural trip through Jordan. The trip culminated in one of his most memorable experiences: the People Power multinational seminar in Petra, Jordan, where Orlando facilitated workshops on nationalism, identity, and music.

Immediately following his incredible experience in Jordan, Orlando helped staff a second American Seeds trip through Palestine and Israel. Having been enveloped by the intoxicating sights and sounds of the Holy Land, he decided to stay to continue volunteering with Seeds and to learn more about the nature of conflict in the region. He also began working with Graduate Seed Bashar Iraqi and his organization, Darna, which works to empower young Palestinian citizens of Israel. Unable to stay away from Maine for long, Orlando returned in 2012 to help run the Peer Support Program at Camp.


Having had the fortune to study abroad at Örebro Universitet in Sweden and work for the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs at the U.S. Consulate in São Paulo, Brazil, Orlando has tried to bring a diverse international perspective and experience to his time at Seeds. He is excited and proud to now be working with staff here in the Middle East to develop exciting programs and partnerships that address the many challenges our Seeds face as they grow into the world and work as young leaders to make a positive impact in their communities.

“For me, peace is not simply a goal, but an intricate and challenging process. Seeds of Peace is the beginning of that process. Our Seeds—through empathy, critical thinking, dialogue and self-reflection—have begun an incredible journey whose destination may very well be the change we seek to end global conflict. Watching my Seeds grow and lead every day not only gives me pride, but also a glimpse into what a better world will most definitely look like.”