Omar Tayeh

Manager, Camp Delegation (Amman)

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Omar served as the Director of Seeds of Peace Programs in Jordan starting in 2006. He was a Delegation Leaders program manager in 2004 and a Seeds of Peace Representative and Coordinator in Jordan in 1998. He attended the Seeds of Peace International Camp in Maine as a Jordanian Delegation Leader in 1999, 2000 and 2001.

Omar is currently a Ph.D candidate in educational psychology at the University of Jordan. He received an M.A. in the same field in 1991 and a B.A. in psychology and public administration in 1985. He is Director of Training and Development at the Jubilee School. He is a founding member of the Arab Council for the Gifted and Talented, and is the regional representative to the UN Non-Governmental Organization/Department of Public Information (NGO/DPI) Executive Committee. He is also the president of the Private Schools Educational and Cultural Council in Amman.

His interest in cross cultural issues has led him to organize many exchange programs between Jordan and countries like the United States, Germany, Lebanon and Italy.

“Seeds of Peace creates an opportunity to build trust and peace between people in conflict.”