Kiran Thadhani

Director, Global Programs

Kiran joined Seeds of Peace as the Director of Global Programs in 2018. Her experience is grounded in strengths-based youth development programming that is focused on co-creating structures, systems, and spaces with, for, and by young people.

Previous to working at Seeds of Peace, she worked at organizations committed to equity and inclusion, including the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, the Posse Foundation, Youth Service America, and Sojourners Magazine. She is curious about how dialogue can welcome collaborative power structures within communities large and small.

She is an Atlanta native, but has also lived in New Mexico, Japan, and Jordan. Outside of work, she enjoys reading, eating seafood, and watching British sitcoms.

“I have always been drawn to the work at Seeds of Peace as it is centered upon seeing all facets of humanity from a position of strength, and not deficit. At Seeds, there is an understanding that we are a global, human family. That is because dialogue is the very core of the work here. Dialogue is transformative—it has the ability to reset power structures and invites individuals and communities to reimagine their reality. What could be more magical?”