Jonathan Kabiri

Director, Israeli Programs (Jerusalem)

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Jonathan first joined Seeds of Peace as a camper back in 2011, which led him to the field of social activism in various organizations during his years in high school. He also participated in Seeds of Peace’s “Game Changers” multinational seminar in Ireland and Northern Ireland during the summer of 2012 and flew back to Camp as Peer Support for the summer of 2013.

Throughout the years, Jonathan became an active member of the Seeds of Peace community in the Middle East and worldwide. He graduated Seeds of Peace’s Jerusalem based one-year facilitation course and served as a Dialogue Facilitator at Camp.

In the past few years, he has worked in different NGOs and youth movements that relate to social activism and informal education in various positions. He has also spent some time working as a journalist and as a political strategic consultant.

“Seeds of Peace first opened my eyes to the world of social activism when I was a teenager, and I am more than proud to join this incredible hardworking team to help change the lives for today’s teenagers around the globe.”