Inbal Harel

Coordinator, Israeli Programs (Jerusalem)


Inbal started her journey with Seeds of Peace as a camper in 2010 and has been an active part of the community ever since. The transformative experience at Camp brought her to participate in many Seeds of Peace programs, in the Middle East and elsewhere, including the Peer Support program at Camp in 2012.

Being a part of the organization has led Inbal to be more involved in her community and social work with different groups inside Israel. One impactful year she had was as a counselor in a youth center in Jaffa, working with teenagers who grew up in low-income families from a variety of backgrounds. Since high school she has been working with teenagers in different organizations and youth movements.

Inbal’s commitment to work and with youth is what brought her back to Camp as a counselor, then to join Seeds of Peace regional staff.

“At Camp as a teenager, I felt that I am the best version of myself. Years later, when I came back as an adult, that feeling stayed the same. I hope that new generations of participants will have that same feeling as I did and still do. That the drive to make positive change for these incredible young people we work with will only become stronger.”