Farhat Agbaria

Co-Director, Facilitation (Jerusalem)

Farhat Agbaria has been working with Seeds of Peace since its founding in 1993, and is the organization’s longest-serving staff member.

Together with Danny Metzl, Farhat heads the Seeds of Peace Facilitation Courses and supervises the Middle East facilitation program at Camp.

Farhat co-directed the Face to Face (Givat Haviva) program and directed the Interns for Peace program. He also worked with the Children to Children program as well as rehabilitation programs for Israeli Arab and Jewish youth. He also developed Laundry Clubs in various Arab communities and instructed training courses for street children.


Farhat holds a degree in political science and sociology and has undergone further training with the Adler Institute (Israel), the Arab-Jewish Center for Peace, the Murray Institute for Personal Growth, the Facing History and the Ourselves project, and the Educators for Social Responsibilities program.

Farhat is a native of Musmus, where he lives with three generations of his dearly loved family.

“Seeds of Peace provides participants with a uniquely intensive experience practicing the art of dialogue, creating hope for people who might otherwise despair.”