Deb Levy

Director, Communications (New York)

Deb joined Seeds of Peace at the beginning of 2018. She began her career in the creative department of some of New York City’s largest ad agencies, but after a decade, realized she’d be happier promoting ideas than products. Since then, she has applied her brand-building and marketing skills to a variety of non-profits and is eager to raise the profile of Seeds of Peace.

Deb is also a writer whose essays and articles have appeared on websites, blogs and literary journals. She published her first book, Bury the Hot, in 2013. It is the true story of a Holocaust survivor who waited 50 years before telling his story.

Deb is a Miami native who went to school in Texas, fulfilled her lifelong dream of becoming a New Yorker, and now lives in New Jersey with her husband and three sons.

“I believe it is through the telling of our stories—the commitment, desire and ability to step inside another's shoes and see the world through a different set of eyes—that will draw us together as a people, and draw us out of conflict.”