David Avital

David is the CEO and Founder of the New York-headquartered MTP Investment Group and has experience with areas of investment ranging from real estate to technology.

As a businessman turned philanthropist, David is actively engaged in a variety of nonprofit organizations, think tanks, and policy initiatives primarily centered on issues of conflict resolution and the promotion of peaceful coexistence of communities in conflict. His association with think tanks and policy initiatives provides him with the tools that in turn help to enhance policy change within the U.S. government and beyond.

Because of his belief in the importance of fundamental qualities of flexibility, persistence, and an infallible moral code, David has enjoyed success in both business and personal endeavors. His strong foundation of values has resulted in the development of an incredible sense of commitment to society through his philanthropic ventures. David credits his investment in these areas in part to his time in the military, which reinforced his moral code and his determination to pursue and promote peace.

Through his involvement, David has established close relationships with a number of foreign and domestic political leaders and often acts as a personal advisor, particularly on issues of conflict resolution and bridge-building. Above all, David values the connections and friendships he has made along the way, both in the world of business and through his work with nonprofits.

David, together with the organizations with which he is associated, is able to make true change and real impact on people’s lives. These organizations include Save a Child’s Heart, The Common Good, One Voice Movement, American Friends of the Open University, American Friends of Tel Aviv University, Israel Policy Forum/Center for American Progress, J Street, and the Institute for National Security Studies.