Danny Metzl

Co-Director, Facilitation (Jerusalem)

Danny Metzl has been working with the Middle East conflict and peace issues for many years, both as an interested party and as a professional. Together with Farhat Aghbaria, Danny heads the Seeds of Peace Facilitation Courses and Camp facilitator supervision activities—and loves it.

Danny is a native of Israel (actually born in pre-1948 Palestine) and spent his high school and initial university years in the US. As an organizational consultant, he has worked with many of the peace organizations in Israel as well as with many public and private organizations and businesses.


Danny’s past non-consultative work includes farmer, educator, restaurant manager, CEO of a community, President of the Israel branch of a British university, human resource manager, instructor and supervisor of group facilitation, Manager of the Givat Haviva Arab-Jewish Dialogue Program, and educational venture businesses in Israel, Turkey and China.

Originally trained in anthropology, he is also trained in organizational consulting, management, facilitation, coaching, mediation and public directorship.

Danny is married, has four daughters and seven grandchildren. He paints and sculpts, plays badminton, hikes, sails (at Pleasant Lake), travels and loves good conversations and creative fun.

“I work with Seeds of Peace because of its commitment, professionalism, openness to development, its family atmosphere and because it provides a unique opportunity to train young Palestinian and Israeli peace rendering facilitators.”