Chris Luggiero

Communications Associate

Chris joined Seeds of Peace in January 2018, and is delighted to enter the nonprofit world.

After graduating college in 2014, he worked as a social media manager, marketing liaison and “blog czar” for a great company that nevertheless left him personally unfulfilled. He realized he would never find his work meaningful unless it was for an organization that truly made a positive difference in the world. Seeds of Peace couldn’t have been a better fit for what he had in mind.

As a writer, Chris has studied under Chris Adrian, Nathan Englander, and Zadie Smith. Prior to joining Seeds of Peace, his proudest marketing achievements were the iTunes “New and Noteworthy” podcast My First Cadaver and his work with Marvel Comics co-creator Stan Lee.

Chris is excited to give his all to the Seeds of Peace mission!

“A world divided into echo chambers is not sustainable. What makes Seeds of Peace more important now than ever is its understanding—one it shares with great advertising—that the stories we tell, the decisions we make, need to transcend our own bubbles and consider those on the other side. There is a human being there, vulnerable, with hopes, needs and fears. To serve an organization on the bleeding of edge of cultivating that empathy, of restoring dialogue and having the hard conversations that lead to greater understanding, is an incredible honor.”