Bashar Iraqi

Director, Palestinian Programs (Jerusalem)

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Bashar has been part of the Seeds of Peace community since 1999, when he attended the Seeds of Peace Camp. He returned to Maine as a Peer Support in 2000, and worked as a Program Coordinator for Palestinian Seeds living in Israel.

He participated in the first Seeds of Peace Dialogue Facilitation and Conflict Transformation Course in Jerusalem and worked as a dialogue group facilitator at Camp from 2007 to 2009.

Bashar’s work experience was always been at the intersection of changemaking, politics, and social advancement. He was Director of Arab Society at itworks, where he was in charge of advancing diversity in the Israeli high-tech sector by recruting more Arab engineers to tech companies. He also served as head of the media unit at the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s Committee for Interaction with Israeli Society.

He also worked as a strategy and political advisor to different groups and figures, and for the last five years has worked closely with Knesset Member Esawi Frej.

In 2011, Bashar founded Darna, a non-profit youth organization focused on providing opportunities to Palestinian citizens of Israel.

“Seeds of Peace exposed me to difference. It started my process of researching, processing and developing who I am. Most importantly, it led me to initiate this process for myself rather than allow my circumstances to define me. I needed it. I was lost in terms of my identity and didn’t know much about the world. As an international organization, Seeds of Peace has given me an international perspective to consider in the process of creating my identity.”