Our Values

We are dedicated to the pursuit of lasting peace in regions of conflict.

We recognize that there are many possible paths to peace. We do not prescribe or advocate for particular political solutions, nor are we affiliated with any political party or religious institution.

Our Seeds and Educators are at the heart of everything we do, as it is their realities and futures that are most affected by the conflicts that define their lives. They hold a wide range of beliefs and opinions on how to end the conflicts within and between their societies. Their common ground, however, is the belief in and commitment to dialogue and informed leadership as the basis for meaningful change and the most effective tools in the pursuit of peace.

Our Seeds of Peace t-shirt, worn daily by youth delegates and educators at our Camp in Maine, is the strongest symbol of our shared values. At Camp, this shirt represents the shared community and peaceful living environment we create in Maine and strive for at home. Beyond Camp, this shirt remains not only a source of great pride, but a reminder of the way life could be, of the relationships and understanding that are necessary to build a different reality. We ask and expect that all who wear it respect this shared responsibility, for when wearing it we represent not only ourselves but the entire Seeds of Peace community.

Seeds of Peace aims to amplify the voices of its graduates. As such, we put forward the Charter on Uprooting Hatred and Terror, co-authored by more than 120 Seeds from the Middle East, South Asia, the Balkans, Cyprus and the United States, as the best reflection of our shared principles.

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“We now refuse to accept what is when we know what can be, if we truly implement these principles in our homes and our hearts. We refuse to be victims. We know it is possible to redirect human passions, even calls for revenge, toward the positive goal of creating peace.”
—Seeds' Charter on Uprooting Hatred & Terror