Graduate Programs

Seeds of Peace Graduate Programs serve all alumni of the Seeds of Peace International Camp ages 22 or older.

Our goal is to help develop and leverage their professional and personal capacities, individually and collectively, to effect change. While leaders in all aspects of society can contribute to peace, Seeds of Peace recognizes that certain fields and positions hold particular importance. As such, we invest most heavily in programs that have the potential to shift the landscape in the fields most pivotal to conflict and peace: policy and law, media and technology, education, and business and entrepreneurship.

Programs enable Graduates to a) come together within and across borders to explore how their positions and industries can be directed towards alleviating the root causes of conflict, b) launch high potential collaborations and initiatives, and c) accelerate their paths to leadership, d) maintain connections to each other and to Seeds of Peace.

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“Slowly but surely, more and more of us will be in key positions and places where we can influence others.”
—Lior (Israeli Seed), Channel 2 News