Graduate Programs

A network of changemakers transforming conflict.

Seeds of Peace’s alumni are having an impact far beyond their families, schools, and peers. As they gain influence in their societies—starting companies and non-profits, or leading classrooms and civil society institutions—they are increasingly positioned to challenge the status quo.

Through fellowships and convenings, Seeds of Peace invests in alumni who have the greatest potential to create wider social, political, and economic change.

Our GATHER program and other seminars, workshops, and trainings provide spaces for young leaders, rising professionals, educators, and a broader movement of allies to come together across sectors and lines of conflict, sparking the connections and ideas that can catalyze change.

We also offer a fellowship program for social entrepreneurs, civic leaders, educators, and artists. Each year, 15 new GATHER Fellows receive small grants and technical assistance to accelerate their high-impact initiatives.

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“Slowly but surely, more and more of us will be in key positions and places where we can influence others.”
—Lior (Israeli Seed), Channel 2 News