Who we are

London Leadership Committee | UK Steering Committee

The Seeds of Peace London Leadership Committee is a growing team of our most inspired supporters in the UK. They are dedicated to spreading the word about our work, and to bringing their friends to our events. By these simple but powerful steps, the Committee is crucial to growing our footprint in the UK.

Seeds of Peace Leadership Committee Expectations

We appreciate that time, money, energy and headspace are hard to give. If you cannot commit to this group, you can still be involved with Seeds UK in a number of ways. But if you can commit, we will only ask for your time a few times a year, and we will put it to good use. Please take a look at the expectations we’ve outlined below, and email london@seedsofpeace.org if you would like to join this team.

1. Show up & pay it forward:
- Attend Bridges to Peace in September, and one additional event in during calendar year if possible.
- Beyond your own attendance, invite your friends and colleagues. For guidance: you should aim to bring at least five people to Bridges to Peace.

2. Have skin in the game:
- Contribute financially. Even if it’s only a £5 symbolic contribution, we will expect 100% of Leadership Committee to sponsor Seeds of Peace individually.
- Give some of your time: spread the word, research venues for social events, talk about Seeds of Peace at dinners with friends, volunteer for the B2P walk, etc.

3. Speak with confidence about Seeds of Peace:
- Be able to give at a minimum an elevator pitch of what Seeds of Peace is all about.
- Host or promote activities that support Seeds of Peace awareness (host a documentary night, invite Matt or London Seeds to speak at events with target audience present, etc).

Again, email london@seedsofpeace.org if you would like to join. We will organize plenty of materials, opportunities to learn more about Seeds of Peace and, best of all, meet our inspiring Seeds graduates.